Human Rights Impact Assessment

As a business leader, it's hard to decide what the "right" thing to do online is. Through the Human Rights Impact Assessment (HRIA), our team of experts assesses your project, and creates an actionable plan to help your team innovate responsibly.

Modern companies are more powerful than ever.

You have access to an unprecedented amount of digital tools and data to help your company grow. Most business leaders want to implement these tools in an ethical way, but don't have the expertise on staff (or the time) to build the framework.

Corporate responsibility is changing.

As technology evolves, we must redefine what it means to do business ethically. Corporate digital responsibility (CDR) is a set of practices that helps organizations align their use of technology with their values; socially, economically and environmentally responsible use of technology.

It's time to meet the moment.

Consumer and technological trends that make now the ideal time to operationalize CDR at your company.

Evolving client expectations

Consumers are making value-driven decisions with their wallets.

Companies that are slow to adapt or intentionally mislead their customers will find it harder to catch up.

Advancing regulations

Some already exist, like accessibility compliance and data privacy laws. But more are coming, and quickly!

Show your customers you care before you’re required to by law.

Increased brand & financial risk

Lawsuits and data breaches cost you money and the respect of your customers.

CDR addresses data management and customer relations (and more) head on.

Competitors modernizing

The companies who drive digital trends are establishing whole ethical tech teams.

Keep up with competitors and boost the quality of your product through CDR practices.

Here's how the assessment works.

A hand writing in a blank notepad on a blue background.
Our teams meet, and we learn about what you want from our work together. Do you have any specific areas identified as pain points? Let’s figure out the 'why' of our partnership.
A white computer mouse on a light purple background.
Take inventory
We look at your current use of technology across all teams: marketing and sales, products and services, data management, and operations. We take notes... lots of notes.
A handshake isolated on a bright green background.
Deliver roadmap
The best part: We take all that information and create a comprehensive, actionable, cross-team strategy to help your employees implement CDR practices.
A hand holding a checkered flag on a isolated yellow background.
We custom-build and facilitate a training program to help fill in knowledge gaps between the roadmap and your team’s current understanding of ethical tech.

Here's what you'll get.

  • ✔ Dedicated Tech Ethicist & team
  • ✔ Personalized assessment process
  • ✔ Thorough, cross-team assessment
  • ✔ Comprehensive roadmap to change
  • ✔ Continued support via your Ethicist
  • ✔ Skills training opportunities at a discount
  • ✔ Access network of CDR service providers
  • ✔ Certificate of completion
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