Ethics Board

This program is for business leaders who care. About their customers, their employees, and about the impact their company has on the world.

Being a leader means making some tough decisions about the direction your business will take.

The Ethics Board works directly with your team to help consider every angle of your most complex problems, and make decisions that are aligned with both your values and goals.

Technology is changing the way we do business.

This can be a good thing, like making your team more efficient or connecting you to people from around the world. But it also has its downsides— who knew that you would have to consider data protection or saying the wrong thing on social media?

Making decisions is more complicated than ever.

As a company that values your clients, this evolving landscape means navigating business decisions that involve technology with intentionality, and ensuring each step is considered from many different angles. That’s… a lot of pressure.

An Ethics Board can help you...

Make efficient and effective decisions.

Strengthen your decision-making process by adding brain power— our board members come from diverse business backgrounds.

Avoid unforeseen developmental costs.

Think about new products from many different angles, and ensure they comply with current and upcoming digital legislation.

Build customer loyalty and reduce churn.

Meet evolving consumer expectations and show you care by making intentional decisions about the products and service you create.

Avoid unintended consequences for customers.

Mitigate risk by considering decisions from multiple angles, including the effect it will have both internally and externally.

Here’s how your Ethics Board will work.

Build the Board
You’ll have a designated Lead Ethicist as your main point of contact. Once they get to know you and your needs, they’ll assemble a team of experts who understand your business.
Get aligned
We’ll meet with your leadership team to get to know one another, understand your business goals, and prioritize projects. We’ll also address any immediately pressing issues.
Monthly meetings
These monthly strategy calls are an opportunity to discuss any upcoming big decisions, roadblocks, or icky feelings (to get super technical) about your company's tech use.
Office hours
This is your "phone a friend" lifeline! Tap into your Board’s knowledge around the clock. We host bi-weekly office hours for you to pop in and chat, or you can email us anytime. 

What is an ethicist?

Let’s get it out of the way: ethicists know they’re not better than you.

They don’t always make the right decisions in their own lives or in business. But what they do bring is a set of skills and frameworks that help you arrive at a carefully considered decision that feels right for you.

Our team brings experience in ethical tech practices across many disciplines— marketing and sales, product and web development, data management, and operations. 

Together, we can help you make decisions that align with both your values and your goals.

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