Code of Ethics

Memo is a consultancy that helps businesses align their use of technology with their values. We spend our days helping our clients innovate responsibly and build products that are good for both people and profit.

We’re a new kind of organization, staffed with people who love the internet but know there’s a long way to go before it’s equitable and reaches its full potential. Our approach is to meet clients where they’re at in their journey as digital citizens. This is Memo’s professional code of ethics, intended to hold ourselves accountable for how we move both as a company and individuals within.

We base this code on common principles we’ve all discussed and agreed upon:


We believe in radical transparency. When we make a claim, we’ll provide evidence, sources, supporting documentation, and context to make the decisions we make easy to understand.


There’s room for everyone here, and we encourage a diverse set of collaborators and clients. We continue to learn and turn that learning into action within our business and our lives.


We’re committed to diversifying our offerings (and price points) to support clients of all digital skill levels, economic backgrounds, and those affected by the digital divide. We’re also committed to making our website, products and services accessible to those with disabilities. 

To read more about our approach to accessibility, read our Accessibility Statement.

Privacy & Safety

We only collect your data when needed for practical reasons (like if you sign up for a course and we need your payment information). You won’t find any cookies, pixels, or other data-collecting tools hidden on this site. 


We consider the environmental impact of everything we do both internally and externally, and make decisions with intention.


The internet moves fast, and so do we. Our products/services are minimal in design, and adaptable in order to respond to the rapidly changing digital climate.